Copy a Disc

CyberLink PowerProducer allows you to make an exact copy of a disc of any format. However, you must copy the disc onto another disc of the same format. (You cannot, for example, copy a CD onto a DVD.)

To copy a disc, do this:

  1. Start CyberLink PowerProducer.
  2. Click
    Disc Utilities
  3. Click
    Copy Disc
  4. Insert your source disc into your drive.
  5. Insert your target disc into your burning drive.
PowerProducer note Copy a Disc

Note: If you use the same drive to copy discs, you must first set a disc image directory so CyberLink PowerProducer can copy the disc contents to your hard drive during the copy function.

  1. Select the burning options you want:
    • Select a recording speed.
    • Enter the number of copies you want to make.
    • Keep the
      Enable buffer underrun protection
      option checked in order to avoid errors during copy.
    • The
      On the fly
      option burns directly to disc without the intermediary step of first burning to your hard drive. Use this option if you have two disc drives.
    • Check the
      Create disc image
      option when using one disc drive for the copy function.
  2. Click
    to begin. CyberLink PowerProducer displays the real-time progress of the task.

Copy a Disc