Export to File

Using the Export to File function, you can export DVD Video, DVD-VR, DVD+VR, BDMV and AVCHD files that are stored on a disc to your hard drive in MPEG format and then use them in your movie production.

PowerProducer note Export to File

Note: The features available to you may differ due to the version installed on your computer. To purchase the full version, please go to the CyberLink online store.

To export files to hard drive, do this:

  1. Start CyberLink PowerProducer.
  2. Click
    Disc Utilities
  3. Click
    Export to File
    . The
    Export to File
    window opens.
  4. Insert your disc and select your drive.
  5. Select the clips in the Scenes pane.
    • You can preview the video using the playback controls in the Preview window to ensure that the video content you are exporting is the content you want.
  6. Click PowerProducer browse17 Export to File , then select a directory to save the file to.
  7. Click
    . CyberLink PowerProducer displays the real-time progress of the task.

Export to File