Producing a Movie Disc

The following outlines the complete process for creating a full functioning movie disc, complete with a custom menu, chapters, etc. Where you choose to begin and the path you take is up to you.

PowerProducer note Producing a Movie Disc

Note: Before you begin creating your disc, it is suggested that you first set your video, audio and other preferences. See Production Preferences for more information.

Step 1 -
Selecting a Video Format

Step 2 -
Acquiring Content

  • Importing video and photos
  • Capturing video and photos

Step 3 -
Editing Clips

Step 4 -
Editing Photo Slideshows

Step 5 -
Creating Disc Menus

  • Selecting a disc menu template
  • Customizing your disc menu
  • Setting up chapters
  • Organizing your story

Step 6 -
Finalizing Content

  • Previewing content
  • Burning content to disc, saving as disc image or creating a disc folder

Producing a Movie Disc