Add a Playlist

Adding a playlist to your disc allows you to specify which sections of content are shown when you play your disc. You may include several playlists that display different variations of the original content in order to provide different versions of your movie.

PowerProducer note Add a Playlist

Note: Playlists are available only when you create DVD-VR or BDAV discs.

To add a playlist, do this:

  1. Click
    under the
    function on the Content window.
  2. If required, click PowerProducer add pl36 Add a Playlist to create a new playlist.
  3. Use the playback controls to preview the video and mark in/mark out sections of the video you want to add to the playlist and then click PowerProducer add to p Add a Playlist to add the marked sections of video to the playlist.
  4. Click PowerProducer add to a Add a Playlist to add any the selected original clips to the playlist.
  5. Click
PowerProducer note Add a Playlist

Note: Use the PowerProducer album 41 Add a Playlist or PowerProducer album 43 Add a Playlist buttons to scroll through all available playlists you have created, if required.

Add a Playlist