Organize Your Story

After you have created your disc menu, make sure the order of the thumbnails in the Author window correspond to the order you want the video clips and slideshows to be in your movie production.

You can reorder the clips, customize the layout or preview each of the clips to organize your production. To move a clip, do one of the following:

PowerProducer note Organize Your Story

Note: for multi-layered menus, you may have to click on Scenes and then click PowerProducer enter bu Organize Your Story to view the thumbnail clips.

  • Right-click the clip, then select
    Move forward
    (towards the beginning of your story) or
    Move backward
    (towards the end of your story). The clip moves one position in the direction you have specified.
  • Drag and drop a thumbnail and its corresponding text anywhere on the menu.
  • Use the arrow keys to move the thumbnail and text to the exact desired position.

Organize Your Story