Selecting Pre-Defined Templates

CyberLink PowerProducer provides you with several stylish predefined menu templates that you can choose from. These menus have already been customized for you and may include such features as motion and menu music.

The pre-defined menu templates create menus with either clickable menu text or clickable thumbnails, depending on the template you selected. Some menus in CyberLink PowerProducer are also predesigned to be multi-layered. These menus consist of a main menu home page with text links to the sub menu containing your movie productions.

PowerProducer note Selecting Pre Defined Templates

Note: for multi-layered menus, you may have to click on Scenes and then click PowerProducer enter bu Selecting Pre Defined Templates to view the thumbnail clips.

To select a predefined disc menu template, do this:

  1. Within the Customize Menu window, click
  2. Use the filter list to select the menu type that fits your movie creation from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the template that you want to use from the list.
  4. Click PowerProducer return a Selecting Pre Defined Templates to return to the Customize Menu window.

Selecting Pre-Defined Templates