Project Preferences

PowerProducer note Project Preferences

Note: The project options that are available depend on the disc format that you have selected.

  • Movie playback mode: Set your video to return to the disc menu or continue on to the next movie after each movie on the disc finishes playing.
  • Working directory: This is the directory that CyberLink PowerProducer uses for output. This directory is set during installation. If you change this directory, be sure that the hard disc it is on has enough free space to accommodate your production.
  • Temporary directory: This is the directory that CyberLink PowerProducer uses for temporary files that are automatically deleted when you exit CyberLink PowerProducer.
  • Default name for captured video: Enter a name to give to each video file you capture. CyberLink PowerProducer adds a unique timestamp to distinguish each captured file.
  • Split captured video files according to disc size limit: Split video as you capture to ensure that each captured video file can fit on the type of disc you are using.
  • Create new chapter every: Create a new chapter automatically whenever the set time period is reached.
  • Enable Cyberlink MPEG@Best technology: Check to balance burning speed and video quality when you burn MPEG video.
  • Add thumbnail index: Check to add a thumbnail index to the disc’s menu.
  • Enable video thumbnail: Check to allow chapter thumbnails to display moving video on the disc’s menu.
  • Auto-menu timeout: Select this option to have your disc begin to play automatically after the pre-defined menu background video finishes playback.
  • User-defined menu duration: Enter in the amount of time video thumbnails and background music will play in a menu.
PowerProducer note Project Preferences

Note: If Auto-menu timeout is selected and you have a menu with a still background, the video will begin to play automatically after the specified duration.

  • Eject after erasing: Check to have CyberLink PowerProducer automatically eject a disc after erasing is complete.
  • Display TV safe zone: Check to display a box in the Author window that indicates the safe zone when creating the disc menu. Utilizing this feature ensures that menu items, including text, thumbnails and buttons, will be within the display range of most TVs.

Project Preferences